Friday, March 18, 2005

The Exotic Ones Review

The Exotic Ones rocked the ‘Boro Bar & Grill with their mixture of kitschy originals and Sixties garage band cover songs last night. The line at the bar almost swallowed the most integral E-1 (because rock and roll without a beat is like a rapper without a posse), Space Fink, alive before he could grab the Rolling Rock beer that fuels his tribal war drums, but he made it to the stage just in time. Zombies were sent running and even though the beer was flowing much too slowly for St. Patrick’s Day one patron still managed to pass out. Zoomga did his best Clara Rockmore impersonation at the theremin and the rest of the E-1 gang thrilled the crowd with their super kinetic powers. Highlights of the show were “Ape Wild” – man I’d trade a bunch of bananas to get my dirty paws on a recording of that song, the totally ace cover of Elastic Band’s mega obscure Atco release “Spazz”, and “Dawn Of The Dead” which featured an ultra boss vocal turn by the aforementioned Space Fink while still keeping the space time rhythm continuum intact. My office mates that went to the show with me really liked the cover of The Meteors’ “My Daddy Is A Vampire.” The E-1’s also surprised me with their last song of the evening when they pulled out “Dragula” dedicating it to “Toby Holmes wherever you are…we love you man.” I sang along out in the audience to a song that got played at every Dragula show we ever played. Thanks for the fun Exotic Ones. The next time they come to your town ready to party you down make it a point to get exoticized!

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