Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Not Surprising

To find that colleges are bastions of liberalism run amok. I attended M.T.S.U. long enough to get a degree in anthropology and even though I hit dead center whenever I take one of those political tests to show where you lean - left or right - my views were considered horribly conservative to my professors and fellow students. If I really wanted to hack people off, I'd say the reason why there are so few conservative professors out there is because most conservatives get real jobs, but I would never be caught being so mean now, would I? My actual feeling on this one is that like attracts like. Many of the radical students from the Sixties became professors and they generally taught cooler subjects and had bigger impressions on their students (it doesn't mean they are actually teaching anything per se) and these kids decided to go into the same business until an exponential growth of liberalism has swamped academia. Ivory towers make a great place to coast through life too, once you've gotten tenure and that probably appeals to the work ethic of most hard core liberals too. Of course, hard core conservatives will pitch a fit about such news - I told you so they'll scream - but other than producing more liberal professors to teach college I believe the left leaning is fairly harmless. College is about jumping through hoops to get a job, meeting people to socialize with, and partying.


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry Wally, but that’s asinine. Liberals are slackers, therefore they become professors because professors just “coast through life?” Jeez man.

Wally Bangs said...


This takes me back to the election when we had so many great spirited arguments. I didn't say all professors were coasting through life, only the hard core liberal types - you know the ones - the ones who are always calling for some socialistic utopia imposed from above (meaning the government)yet when it comes time to cleaning the toilets would rather ride around in limousines.

elliott said...

I kinda like the liberal bias of colleges. When I was a kid I used to devour Batman comics and in the early 70's Robin had left the batcave to go to college. So all the Batman comics had a second story chronicling Robin's college experiences - these were very hippie-driven stories with sit-ins, peace rallies etc.. So this is what I expected college to be like - imagine my disappointment when I got to college in the mid 80s and the young conservative movement was in full swing. Everyone was dressing nice and even shaving daily. I hadn't developed any real political philosophy at that time I just thought there should be a liberal feel to college. I did have several professors who were die-hard liberals right out of the movies and comic books. My Western Civ. teacher was especially left leaning and I liked him an awful lot. Apparently he liked me an awful lot also 'cuz I started getting my papers and tests back with handwritten notes from him saying what nice eyes I had and how he'd really like to get to know me better. Yikes! maybe he was too liberal.