Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Aaron Is The Mac!


Fellow Blogcritic and all around culture maven, Aaron McMullan AKA the Duke, has a CD's worth of songs available at his site, Mondo Irlando for the musically curious and bold.

Titled 120 Removed (April Songs) it's idiosyncratic folk music, just a boy and his guitar telling stories about his life, his loves, and his hates. It's lo-fi for high brow and low brows alike with deft lyrical twists and turns. It will make you laugh out loud ("Chicks Dig Whinin'") and it will make you think ("Ballad Of The Three"). Go check it out. It's as free as a bird now.


Yvonne said...

I listened to a few of the Aaron M. tracks. He has a very intense, stripped-down sound. It reminded me a bit of what Bright Eyes did on Leno with that "When the President Talks to God" number that blew me away.

I think he needs either to tune his guitar or to raise the action a bit. Something is off there.

I love indie music. Thanks for the listen.

Miss Templeton said...

I'm downloading some of these tracks now. Honestly have no idea why it took me so long to find the music section of his site!

But if this was done in May and Sinéad and Aaron were chummy again by the time of the Phil Lynott statue unveiling, then this cathartic 10-track screed in her honor predates that event. My angle on a blog entry commiserating on the situation is blown.

Will have another shot of Jameson and think this over while Aaron finishes downloading.