Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Marriott and Murfreesboro

More on why I'm glad I left Murfreesboro - The city voted yes to pay for the majority of the costs for a convention center. At least the district that voted at my old elementary school, Mitchell-Neilson, voted against it. Look for the taxes in the 'Boro to go up and up and up. But never fear, in a few years when the convention center is built all of these rich folks will come and pump so much money into the local economy. There has got to be so many better things for the city of Murfreesboro to spend their money on. Man, I wish I had some Brookln Bridges laying around I could sell. Mark Pirtle, who owns an office complex that will be next door to the convention center said in the article that, "I don't think we can think about this project as an amenity," he said. "It's a necessity. The community will be quite pleased when they see the response to the center and how much it's used. I believe the response will be overwhelming." I found it very telling when I drove around Murfreesboro last weekend (I was in town to visit my mother) that the YES signs were in the yards of those people most likely to benefit financially from a convention center. I know I didn't see any signs around the January Street area. But that's okay, cause Murfreesboro is getting a Marriott. Just wait 'til Murfreesboro figures out that the Supreme Court has gutted the Fifth Amendment protection to private property ownership. The whole city can become a convention center maybe.

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