Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Bloggy Goodness

More bloggy goodness I need to add to the sidebar:

The Emerson Street Tavern where you can the lyrical musings of a guy named Ryan. From his latest post:

And so the middle years-like college-appear too to be free verse. My rhyme scheme is internal and I slow dance to the cadence of my own voice. (What is that static?) I slow dance on the vaporous trails of a fine cigar, on the drifting burn of a good whiskey, on the occasional drum roll of thunder and spitfire of night lightning. Sometimes, if the verse is right and it meanders along in total silence-a back roads drive on a cool Tennessee night-I slow dance to nothing at all, as if no one were watching.

That's pretty good writing right there.

Another talented writer in the Nashville blog area is the Gas Guy who writes about his experiences as a gas station attendant. While I never worked for a gas station I did work in retail and many of his tales remind me of those days.

Last, but not least is Lessons From The Kissing Booth. You've got to like a person who drops "Ozymandias" references into her everyday speech.

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Ryan said...

Many thanks for the kind words!

They are appreciated.