Saturday, August 06, 2005

Exhaust Pipes = Exhaustion

After getting back from Indiana, I've been just too exhausted to do much. I need to pace myself better on the highways of this great country. Take some time to enjoy the scenery (which in Indiana seems to be corn and more corn), and be sure not to turn off into Seymour just to see what kind of town John Mellencamp came from. If you really want to know the town was fairly atrocious. I'm sure there's some good there, but I just didn't have the time to find it. I did enjoy the towns of Lafayette and West Lafayette even if all of the record and used bookstores were severely overpriced. I did manage to snag a Three Investigators book I didn't have - The Mystery Of The Magic Circle so that was cool. I never got into the Hardy Boys, but Jupiter Jones and company were must reading for me in the early 70's. Who wouldn't want to have their own detective agency with an office buried in their uncle's junkyard? I also ate twice at the Triple XXX Family Restaurant over near Purdue. Most of the dishes are named after ex-Purdue superstars. Who can resist a meal named after Bob Griese? Great steakburgers and incredible root beer (which is where the Triple XXX part of the name comes from).

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Anonymous said...

I tried to read all of the Three Investigators books when I was younger but the library didn't have all of the books. I had forgotten about that series, they were great books.