Monday, August 29, 2005

Knoxville Girl

I was home pretty much by myself on Saturday - the wife had taken the two youngest kids to her mother's and the oldest was playing down the street. So I decided to throw on a CD that I wouldn't play with them around; The Lemonheads Car Button Cloth. It's not the strongest of albums, but I always dug Evan Dando's slacker pose and I got the album for just a few dollars used. It usually sits all forlorn on the shelf just begging to be played, but I tend to ignore it if I'm in a Lemonheads mood...which is not very often; sorry Mr. Dando. But this past weekend seemed as good a time as any to hear it all the way through. The wife got home before it was finished just in time to hear the classic murder ballad "Knoxville Girl" that was popularized by The Louvin Brothers years ago. The Lemonheads version is fairly rote (probably done just to be cool), but the wife had never heard of the song. She was quite shocked at the lyrics and proclaimed that it was not suitable for children. Of course, that's why I was playing the album when the kids weren't around. I just thought it was neat that the song could still inspire revulsion due to its words. Gangsta rap definitely has nothing on it.

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Jones said...

Ah, so that's what fathers do when the family is out of the house!