Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I was stumbling my way through some picture files today and I figured I would share some old band posters. I've posted a link to the Geraldo one before, but I figured I'd post it again since I doubt few saw the original post way back when.

First up is an infamous Dislocated poster from back in 1989.

Next on the list is from a show at the long gone Pantheon where my punk group Pipe Bomb opened for the Teen Idols and Letch Patrol.

How about an old Lucy's Record Shop concert calendar? Click on the image and you can read who was playing the month of October, 1994.

Finally, here's a poster from a show Dragula did with Thee Phantom 5ive and Nine Pound Hammer.

Damn, how time flies.


Anonymous said...

Schweet... I saw Fitz of Depression around that time. That band stayed pretty under the radar but their showed kicked it. They kept the punk rawk real.
I was also a fan of the Queers back then. -Shrub

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing how almost every letter across Geraldo's nose is not normal. Funny stuff, great poster though, I still have a copy.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at that same Letch Patrol Flyer in my book of flyers on Wednesday. Good times. Maybe the best times for me. I look through stuff from the past about once a month, then make my wife listen to stories she knows by heart and doesn't really need to hear again.