Thursday, August 11, 2005

Soulfish Stew Turns One Year Old Today!

Soulfish Stew turns one year old today! To honor this momentous occasion I've decided that we'd take a trip through the archives today starting from the very beginning. If you've ever wondered why this blog is named Soulfish Stew, this very first post, Soulfish Stew Is Born, will fill you in. The Sportsman's Paradise - Smithville, TN gives you some detail on what it's like to live in such a small town. I also predicted John Kerry would win DeKalb County since it's full of yellow dog Democrats. I was proved wrong after Bush was the first Republican since Nixon defeated McGovern to carry the county.

I bid goodbye to my guitar teacher in Godspeed Johnny Ramone during September of 2004. He didn't know he was my teacher, but I learned to play by listening to The Ramones debut. I tune my guitar to the opening A chord of "Blitzkrieg Bop" to this day. I used to have a weekly feature called Band Of The Week and I might revive it one day. The E-1's were the Band Of The Week once during October, but more important was my birthday wishes to my daughter Harper Lee in the post; Band Of The Week: E-1's.

My birthday is in November. It's always near and sometimes on Thanksgiving which made me lament the fact that I never got any Planet Of The Apes toys in Thanksgiving Thoughts And Planet Of The Apes. If it sometimes seems like I'm just a nostalgia machine, it's because I do tend to write about the past often. December of 2004 found me writing about being a Tippah County Boy. It wouldn't be the only time I've written about the time I spent in North Mississippi as a child.

Rick Champion Opened A Hot Dog Stand - Nashville Rock Post 1978 was the first in my 4 part series on Nashville rock and roll. It's posted over at Blogcritics too and I still get email on the series periodically. February was a big month in the Wally household. My son Liam was born on the 4th. I trumpeted that in the post Liam Has Arrived. Before he came I had the chutzpah to list my favorite top ten punk albums under the heading Punk Rock Prime.

I talked about wi-fi and Glenn Reynolds on Been To Cincy and the Instapundit blogfather totally ignored me. The post is rather garbled (stupid template!) on my review of the heavy metal band Superheavygoatass titled Beer Drinkings And Hell Raising, but it was a fun trip down memory lane. Its appearance at Blogcritics even garnered comments from Suzanne Vega. And yes, it really was her. My simple little blurb in May 2005 called Bi-Partisan Sting got me the most hits ever in a day. I learned the lesson that if you want traffic, talks scandal and politics. I quickly went back to writing about whatever.

Which meant I concentrated my lens on the past as usual. I compiled a CD of old Dragula material and used the blog to promote it under Dragula CD Now Available - Former Members Retaliate, but as of yet I've sold zero quantities. Potential Soulfish Stew advertisers take note! That brings us up to July where I had similar results with the post Toby Holmes, Where Are You? I haven't heard from him yet. But that's okay. I blog for me and if others happen to stop by and like it, it's just icing on the cake. Still a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog. I promise to get better at this blogging deal if you promise to keep stopping by


Rex L. Camino said...

Happy Birthday, SS.

Jim said...

Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work.

Ryan said...

Happy 1st year!


Jones said...

Happy Birthday Soulfish!

D. Wooderson said...

Keep rockin', Wally.

bmarkey said...

Happy day, home-fry. You know what they say... after the first year, it's all downhill.

Stella said...

Aww, yeah!!