Thursday, October 20, 2005

College Football Predictions - Week 8

Last week was a very good week for picking winners. I went 8-2 in what I dubbed the week of the favorites. I hedged my bets on the spread and got killed going 3-7. My grand total for the season is 41-29 picking winners, and 28-42 picking against the spread. Here are this week's very unsure things:

IOWA by 2 1/2 over Michigan
winner Iowa
spread Iowa

SOUTH CAROLINA by 8 over Vanderbilt
winner South Carolina
spread South Carolina

MISSISSIPPI STATE by 1 1/2 over Houston
winner Mississippi State
spread Mississippi State

NOTRE DAME by 18 1/2 over b.y.u.
winner Notre Dame
spread B.Y.U,

ALABAMA by 3 1/2 over Tennessee
winner Alabama
spread Alabama

Texas A&M by 4 1/2 over KANSAS STATE
winner Kansas State
spread Kansas State

U.C.L.A. by 9 over Oregon State
winner U.C.L.A.
spread U.C.L.A.

TEXAS by 15 1/2 over Texas Tech
winner Texas
spread Texas

L.S.U. by 6 over Auburn
winner L.S.U.
spread Auburn

u.s.c. by 30 over WASHINGTON
winner U.S.C.
spread Washington

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