Friday, October 14, 2005

Coming Into The Big Town

I'll be making a rare Nashville appearance tonight as I come into the big town to meet a friend from Texas and ultimately end up at the White Animals show at 12th & Porter. Now if I should happen to go crazy, get belligerent, and tear off all of my clothes please don't let anyone from Metro get out their tasers. Just tell them to let me run around until I fall exhausted to the ground. I know that having to wait until I run out of steam takes away precious time that could be better used in handing out traffic tickets, but I'd like to not die due to a combination of mine and the police's stupidity. Actually the odds of me getting crazy are very slim. I'm an exemplar of sraight edge punk for the most part and I'm not too big on ripping my clothes off in public. I did streak across Manchester Highway once during the 80's. I'd just put in a long shift at Mazzio's Pizza. It was 2 AM, the middle of summer, and the heat was stifling. I pulled over to the side of my road just before my turn off, stripped off my nasty pizza uniform, and ran around over the hot pavement buck naked. It was more dumb than liberating, but 60 hour weeks were doing me in. It'll be easy to find me on the highway tonight. I'll actually be the one obeying the speed limit. I wouldn't want a Serpas sized fine to ruin my evening.

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