Wednesday, October 12, 2005


There's huge amount of bands at Myspace and well, most of them stink. This garbage field makes the great bands stand out even more. Like The Reverbians for instance. They broke up a few years ago, but their legacy lives on thanks to Myspace (even if you're bound to get the unexpected error page every other time you try to link to something there). Hell, there's even some photos of their dancing robot...I'm still wondering how much they had to pay the midget to wear that shiny suit. They played trashed out, reverb permeated garage rock not because it was cool, but because that's all the stupid idiots knew. Their worship of Evel Knievel and the B-9 Robot should clue you in: beware what happens when nerds discover reverb. I've heard they used so much reverb live, the sounds are still bouncing around the solar system.

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Anonymous said...

XD nerds & reverb....awesome!