Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The South's Gonna' Do It Again

Well, it's been 140 years since The War Between The States (only Yankees call it the Civil War) ended and the South's gonna finally get its revenge as Big & Rich hit NYC on the CMA Awards Show. I know it's harsh and probably more than the North deserves, but here's hoping Big & Rich get captured so Nashville won't have to put up with them or their Musik Mafia again.

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elliott said...

One of the nice things about living in the heavy metal low-rider capital of the universe is that we don't get hit with so much Nashville Sludge like B&R. Hell, I don't know, they may actually be FROM here. But the first time I've ever heard of them was when they showed up on Good Morning America today. ok, I just looked at their website to make sure they weren't from San Antonio and one of 'em is from Nashville the other is,in fact, a Texan. I think Kevin Gray was right - country music is a haven for hacks and failed rockers (both of which seem to fit Big&Rich)