Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Sickies

Thanksgiving is just a day away and it's ruined. The entire Soulfish clan is either sick, getting sick, getting over being sick, or at least thinking about one or the other. It started Saturday night with Em ralphing all over her bed. I thought she might have just been car sick since we had taken a road trip along the winding highway 56, but by Sunday we knew she had a bug. Monday she was back to normal, but by 8:30pm I was done for: the bug had leaped to me. So wipe away a day and a half for me. I'm recovered from that, but the sore neck I got last week is back with a times two vengeance. By 10:00pm Tuesday the wife and Liam had decided to party with the viral infection. At this point we're thinking Thanksgiving may still be saved, but Em had to wake up this morning even sicker than before so the locale of the celebration, which was to have been at our home, has been moved to the in-laws which means dry turkey city if we can even get well enough to go. Of course, that's the benefit of a family - you all go through everything together. Middle child Harper has announced that she's not getting sick and so far she has managed just that proving once more that she is the most independent and toughest of our bunch.


jones said...

Happy birthday, Wally! Hope you have a wonderful day without any germs.

Wally Bangs said...

Oh, it turned out to be fairly dreadful except for my mother's fried chicken, but things are much better now.