Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What Would Reagan Do?

Glenn Reynolds is all over the NYC transit workers strike. He's for robot employees, but until that day happens maybe Mayor Bloomberg can take a page from Reagan. Maybe just the mention of air traffic controllers can get the illegal strikers to come to their senses. Or maybe he could just casually remind those picketing that no wall on the Mexican border has been built yet. I'd feel sympathic to those people if they weren't already making salaries in line with those of firemen and policemen.


Jeff said...

I couldn't believe how much those guys make when I checked out their pay scale.

Chris Wage said...

Do you understand the concept of "cost of living"? Should I explain it or just merely mention it and let you do the math?

Wally Bangs said...

It's not about cost of living. It's about wanting the people to pay more into the pension plan, which is reasonable considering the workers are allowed to retire at 55. That's a long time to be paying people for not working, don't you think.