Friday, March 17, 2006

I went to visit my shrink, Dr. Frog, who lives inside my head (it keeps down the billings) to see what he thought about a few things. I told him I like to crank the stereo up before I get out of the car if I know my wife is going to be driving it next. She'll get in and the radio will blast her out. Dr. Frog's reply, "You are like a dog marking your territory letting her know where you've been and it's also a way to remind her of you." I think it's just because I want to make sure she's awake. Plus it's the minor annoyances that make a marriage.


My pet peeve is open cabinets. If I see a cabinet open I'm going to shut it usually with a satisfying slam. "This is because you are afraid of being totally open with people. You like to keep things inside, perhaps due to your childhood. You were an only child who often lived in isolated areas causing you to create a very detailed interior fantasy life that you did not get to share with others," said Dr. Frog. Maybe he's right, but it could also be that I grew up in a disorderly and undisciplined home and I just like to see things done in a proper way.


Finally I wondered about my current disinterest in music and literature - the two fields of art that have dominated my thoughts for most of my life. My mindset at present is based more of physical pursuits and mindless television viewing. I'm a coach potato who's managed to lose 16 pounds since the year began. Dr. Frog replies, "It shouldn't be so mysterious to you. Your life has always been on this yin and yang trajectory. You're a jock crossed with a philosopher mixed with a wannabe rock star and hack writer. These sorts of periods have always been happening to you. It's just that this latest one is a bit more strong in light of encroaching middle age. You were dreaming of Replacements songs last night so music is still there. Literature will return also. Just last evening you were thinking about reading something esoteric from centuries past until you fell asleep after hitting the weights while listening to the Bad Brains. Weep not my host. As long I'm inside your mind all will be well with the world. Here's what I think you should..."


I could tell Dr. Frog was about to deliver a speech that could last weeks if not months. He's bored me too many times before. It was time to go frog gigging. Until next time.




Thursday, March 09, 2006


Soulfish is on an extended hiatus, but will return in the future. You can bet your bippy on that.