Monday, August 14, 2006

Into The Groove - Big Choice Bowl

Back into the blogging groove sort of kind of...splot back into the "big choice bowl" even if the web isn't what the Minutemen were talking about there. The Nashville Scene has printed Tracy Moore's look back at the halcyon days of Nashville rock and country punk so check it out if just to see my pithy quote about that old Nashville rag The Metro. There is also a bunch of comments about Collin Wade Monk's podcast here. Who woulda thunk we'd be seeing F Particles videos in 2006? I am humbled to have once been their doorman. It was a helluva lotta fun to have been 19 while carding folks to see if they were 21 or not. I drank lots of beer that night at the Exit/In too.

As for other things; I got the We Jam Econo DVD last week and I'm on a major Mike Watt, D. Boon, and George Hurley kick these days. If only I had enough hair for a wave unit! In some weird anachronistic throwback to my younger days I've also been ear dining on slabs of molten metal from back in the heavy metal freshman in high school days. I'll never get bored with Diary Of A Madman; never. I've even begun contemplating playing at the local coffeehouse perhaps. I'm also gearing up for another burst of song recording like I did last year - the famed 21 songs in 30 days or something like that where I recorded a tune on my four track, digitized it, and then emailed it out to everybody that asked me to assail their spirits with my kind of punk rock power pop trash. If you want in on this latest installment called Fortified For Stronger Bones (20 songs in 30 days) let me know. I'm thinking that November would be a good month; samhain of our souls and all that.

Here's my final announcement on my New Year's resolution on losing weight: I have not quite reached my goal of dropping 47 lbs, but I have dropped 37 and I don't appear to be in any danger of packing them back on. I ride a bicycle 60 - 80 miles a week and eat sort of sensibly. Things I've seen on my rides: snapping turtles crossing the road, hawks, cranes, stupid rednecks yelling at me, angry dogs (bit once so far...thank goodness for leather shoes), and a fox. Not to mention all of the wildflowers, roadkill, and puffy white clouds in the sky. I truly love riding a bicycle.

I'm a little worried that if I begin to post regularly again that my ecosystem rating will go down, but that's the chance I'll have to take. Give me another week or two to recharge my brain cells and I might just start cooking up at least a weekly serving of Soulfish Stew for you.

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