Friday, August 18, 2006

Soon To Be Mine

I've got a 58cm Trek 1000 ordered from MOAB in Murfreesboro and I'm just giddy in anticipation of riding it. I've been riding a cheapo Wal-Mart mountain bike on the road since April (averaging about 80 miles on it a week) and I've just about thrashed it out. The Trek 1000 may just be an entry level road bike, but I'm sure it will do fine for me.


elliott said...

Great bike! Sturdy and lightweight. I've got a trek 3700 which I rode to work today. It's got thicker tires 'cuz I run over a lot of stuff and stuff is just bigger in Texas. Glad to see you are posting again!

elliott said...

...AND, the thing you'll like most about it is - you know how when you shift gears on your Walmart bike and the chain falls off? That doesn't happen for some reason with the Trek.