Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dr. Shine & Dee Dee

I know I've been overdoing the Youtube bit lately. But why not when there's so much great stuff on there, like the intro to the Dr. Shine & Dee Dee program. I've been digging this religious masterpiece for some time. Dr. Shine can really get going and I love that church is run in some sort of James Brown style with Dr. Shine having his version of Booby Byrd to read out the scripture (and no, that dude is not named Dee Dee - I believe Dee Dee is Dr. Shine's wife). The intro of the show has been garnering some fame with its Top Gun style theatrics.

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Anonymous said...

The editor of that intro was Marty Cunningham who worked for Dr Shine at the time and the Top Gun footage was just lifted from the movie, without copyright permission.

His reader is Doodie (seriously) so named because he reminded Dr SHine of Howdy Doodie. Doodie's real name is Kevin Henderson. He is no longer with Dr Shine due to the gross immorality and scams perpetrated by the former. Dr Shine used Doodie for a reader because he is functionally illiterate. His doctorate is an honorary one, not earned. He does not even have a high school diploma. But he has a great imagination and is gifted at working people.

He was booted out of the building where this was taped, being 1.5 million behind on his rent, and now meets in a public school in MD, and lives in a mansion he bought in someone else's name, with church building fund money, as those on the inside report, in Indian Head MD - I think on River Walk.