Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Post #666 Artists I Just Don't Get

This is the 666th post here at the Stew so why not make it a hate-filled one.

Marah - I really tried to love their Springsteen imitation 1st album, but after force feeding it to myself for several years it's just gruel

Flaming Lips - proof to me that longevity will eventually get you a hit (the Butthole Surfers principle), but their Okie lysergic emanations are as dull as a dust storm

Coldplay - leaves me asking why the world needs two Radiohead's?

Aaron Neville - sure the dude could lay me out with one head butt from his enormous skull, but his girlie falsetto is just plain weird - Yma Sumac territory.

Black Crowes - always struck me as a sub-par bar band imitating Humble Pie.

Love / Arthur Lee - Arthur's Lee's recent death inspired loads of tributes and glowing praise for his work. I liked Love's take on Bacharach, but beyond that it leaves me cold.

Janis Joplin - I never liked her because of her infernal screeching, the obsession with whiskey, and becoming an icon when she died young of stupidity.

Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor was seen as some sort of goth/industrial God by the 90's Mtv set while I saw just another opportunistic heroin addict.

Yo La Tengo - Another band I really tried to love, but I just can't appease the cognoscenti that adores them. To me they are so deathly dull and completely smothered under the weight of Kaplan's own rock critic cred.

Pearl Jam - I'll give Vedder props for publicizing artists that are much better than him and his cronies in Pearl Jam, but musically they've got to be tops on this list. They are the worst.

special: just about every band on Dischord Records save Minor Threat and Fugazi
emo although it is better than screamo
the San Francisco sound of the late 60's

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