Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Punk Rock Comedian Doesn't Believe In Barter

This little old blog's content used to be full of music reviews. Then I went on hiatus and I told people to stop sending me stuff. I kickstarted back into action and I recently decided to throw my hand into the rock critic world again. So I solicited promo's from indie labels throughout this great land. I sent a short and simple request: You've got CD's that need to be reviewed. I'll review them at my Soulfish Stew blog. It's as simple as that. Once reviewed you'll get the URL to use as you see fit.

I got this response from a label today: "You've got money. Send me the money and I'll write a review of the money and send you CDs in return." I laughed so hard I think I've pulled a muscle in my back again. I can dig somebody not wanting to barter in this cold, hard cash world. Of course, you'll never see any of that label's releases mentioned here.

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