Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crop Circle Hoax

Page 300 recently posted a real treat - an mp3 from Crop Circle Hoax. I was on the same bill with them on the second to last night of Lucy's Record Shop's existence. It was the last show I've played.

More Lucy's links.

A Dog's Life - The Times Of Lucy's Record Shop by Jim Ridley

Lucy's @ My Space


Anonymous said...

Hey Wally,
I felt a little crazy for not remembering you from the Mickey D's...until I just talked with my sis Tracie and got a timeline for when she and I both worked there. We started in fall of '85. We must have missed you by days.

Anyhow, when I was goofing around last night googling Blind Farmers just to see what was out there, your August, 2006 blog entries popped up. Thanks for a little trip down memory lane. You have a much better memory of McDonald's than I do, but reading them brought back many of my own. I remember Barbie and Ken (Stephanie and the cop), the Raffs (gross!), and playing softball as a team against other McDonald's teams. I remember working the drive through when church vans would come through ordering ice cream sundaes and trying to "save" me through the dang window. Freaky. I remember Kelvin, Linda, Alvin, Denise, and a slew of other folks who have faces and places in what memory I do have, but the names escape me.

I also remember many of the bands you mention. I had to go check out the F Particles on You Tube. Too funny! My husband, Roy (the drummer for BFFH and Hank Flamingo), and I have had fun on your links to Nashville 80's Rock, etc. You have provided an interesting excuse for me not to work on my research paper. But I'll go back to work now. Thanks, again for the trip down memory lane. I've put you in my "favorites."
:) Laurie Jobe Watts (who still likes R.E.M.)

Wally Bangs said...

Glad you found the site. I remember you! I don't think we ever talked, but I remember you from either Oakland or Riverdale.

Those church vans were the worst. Do you remember Jason Gray from Mickey D's?

Anonymous said...

Well, like I said, the names mostly escape me. I deal with 8-year-olds all day, so I don't seem to retain much anymore. Plus, I did live through the eighties. But I'm thinking Jason was sorta tall, skinny, with light brown hair, smart, sly sense of humor. Am I right?

I went to Riverdale, graduated in '84, and did MTSU after that....did Midlander, Sidelines stuff there before I changed to elementary ed.


Wally Bangs said...

Your description of Jason was spot on. I brought his name up since he was a bud and I knew he had worked at Mickey D's then. He passed away last year - car wreck.

I looked you up in my old annuals last night and sure enough there you were. I remember you. I think I was even at McDonalds briefly while you were there. I would have probably been too scared to even talk to you...I tended to be terrified of pretty girls back then.