Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kath And Alex In Brooklyn

One time Nashville rock and roll journalist Kath Hansen and former Whining Art Fag Alex Sniderman have gone to the dogs. So drop by and say hi to to them @ Kath And Alex In Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so not a blogstalkery person here, but I just know I know you. I was looking back in your archives, and I figure maybe we rode the same bus when we were growing up. I lived way out on Manson Pike near the community club, so I rode bus 46. (It's forever etched in my memory.) Looks to me like you may have too. If you haven't been out there lately, don't go. It's scary different. A bridge goes over the railroad tracks now and farmland is being bulldozed like so much playdoh. It hurts my heart.

Anyhow, love the site, and love your writing. Your middle-age musings are pertinent for me as well.

Too bad Murfreesboro's music scene is soooo not what it used to be. I'm on MTSU's campus every week too, and there just doesn't seem to be the musicky atmosphere there anymore either. It's just big, big, big.
:) Laurie

Wally Bangs said...

I lived on Manson Pike a couple of times. Pre-K and around 5th grade. The 5th grade time was a big two story house with 5 acres that is now gone - flattened under the new hospital complex. I completely agree with your scary different remark. I rode Bus 46 once. It was either the night of Van Halen's 1984 tour stop in Nasvhille or Ted Nugent's Penetrator concert. Most likely; Van Halen since Mark Taylor's mother was taking us. I rode the bus to Mark's house. We were juniors at RHS. You were a senior. Maybe you knew Mark and his borther Mike. If you've still got your RHS annuals around just look for P. Wallace and you'll find me.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha. What a small world this is. Found the yearbook and wow'd at all the hair we all had. I had some major sun-in happening too. Sheesh, you couldn't pay me enough money to go back to those days.

In case you haven't been back to Riverdale, just know that if you do, the class of 85 is right near the auditorium. I get to visit all the old pictures whenever I go see my junior daughter perform in that place. I get to listen to silly teenagers laugh at all of us in our hairy photographic glory while they wait on the doors to open to the auditorium. If they only knew what it will one day be them on that wall.....
:) Laurie

By the way, if you ever want to see/hear some old folks playing old music (mostly 70s funky stuff with some Blind Farmers/Hank Flamingo stuff thrown in) then look for the band, Plow'd. They played the Boro (which was WEIRD yet strangely the same....) recently with Trent Summar and will play at Wall Street on the square this Friday night. I'm thinking they're opening for a band called Wooden Wire. It gets the boys out of the house for awhile. :)