Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Dangers Of Being A Critic

In my in box this morning: a comment on an ancient review I wrote for Blogcritics about a band called Ninja Gun. The main man, Jonathan Coody, of the band lobbed this grenade at me:

I don't mean to be the guy who gets a bad review and lashes out at the douchebag who served it up, but here goes...I'm sure your failed attempt at "success" in rock'n'roll could have been the catalyst for your bile, but I think it's kind of pathetic for a hack/failure like yourself who really has nothing to say to write some review to probably impress a small group of nerdy hack friends. If you came to our show looking for a bunch of illiterate punks in cowboy boots trying to pimp out some form of fashion, then I'm sure you were both confused and let down. You see, people of your ilk can only comprehend superficiality. Originality is most likely lost on you. If it wasn't, you would be contributing something to culture by creating. Unfortunately for you, those who can't do...review. Oh yeah, Nashville sucks. I would get my lame family and get out of there as soon as possible if I were you. Here's a news flash genius...country doesn't live there. Never has.

This is the kind of stuff you get to live with if you dare to voice an opinion. And honestly; I find it incredibly funny.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I love reading stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

See ya later Wally I gotta go to Valdosta and kick some no talent dork in his no talent tush. O.K. you think (know) his so-called music sux. Why does he have to bring your kids into it?

Mark Twang said...