Monday, September 10, 2007

Vomitus Most Atrocious Seriously

The Soulfish wife insisted we DVR the VMA's. Britney was a sluggish mess. And I dare say MTV is done. Finished. The old music industry structure is rotting and MTV is part of that building. The old awards shows had a spirit of positivity about them. I never thought I'd say this: but bring back Stipe and his goofy slogan t-shirts. At least he wore his misguided heart on his sleeves. Now it's all about being gangster and bling this and bling that. Many of the performances were incomplete and held in darkened party suites that put me in mind of Poe's The Masque Of The Red Death. The shows from the past at least made a pretense of celebrating the tenuous art form of videos, while now it is clearly only a popularity extravaganza. (Hey whippersnappers) The rock and roll of our day made rebellion look like fun. The crap paraded on MTV last night makes rock/rap/pop/whatever look like degrading clique riddled Hollywood/Vegas garbage. No wonder all the kids are playing video games and surfing the net. Look past their tattoos and piercings; they’re smarter than they look.

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Anonymous said...

In my defense I had been promised a performance by Fall Out Boy and I knda like that Rhianna song they played 2 seconds of.