Monday, December 10, 2007

2008 Prediction: FOGHAT Revival

2007 is running down with its inevitable best of lists sprouting up like liver spots on an aging man, Christmas specials running so often I'm sick of shows I once cherished, crowded highways and shops, extravagant light displays, and the generalized murmur about the erosion of the Chrismtas spirit. I veer from feeling this time of year is smashing to wanting to smash it. But this brief post isn't about right now or the year that has flown past. It's about the almighty power of the BOOGIE.

The closely guarded sacred scrolls of Smerdly "Tight Shoes" Johnson have been opened (all it took was a 6 pack of Pabst and a carton of Benson & Hedges) and they decree that 2008 will be the year of the FOGHAT revival. All herald the return of BOOGIE rock as we begin a "Slow Ride" to become one perfect Fool For The City as FOGHAT finally gets their critical reappraisal and just due. Can Savoy Brown (from whose loins sprang FOGHAT which makes them the Virgin Mary of BOOGIE) be far behind. 2008 looks to be the year that everybody wants the taste of Humble Pie in their eardrums. Will Wishbone Ash overcome their prog rock leanings to reap the benefit of this unprecedented outburst of the BOOGIE. It might be 40 Years After, but is that the BOOGIFIED relentless strains of "I'm Going Home" I hear on the ghost of festival's past. Lonesome Dave and Rod Price will kick up their BOOGIE shoes and their spirit WILL live on people! Just remember to forward all of my mail to the Boogie Motel.

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Josh Hetherington said...


I wondered if you knew of another source for the PDFs of the first year of Thrasher magazines you posted a link to last September?

They appear to have been taken down from the Thrasher site now. I only managed to get around to downloading the first issue - and now I'm kicking myself.

Much appreciated. Cheers,