Sunday, January 27, 2008

Man, I Haven't Blogged In Awhile

Maybe, I've just been going too much Jimmy Valiant know - caught up in the boogie. I'll have to try and visit the internet a little more often. For now; here's some links I've dug lately:

The isolated David Lee Roth vocal track at WFMU.

The Popdose guide to Material Issue.

Boing Boing hipped me to this Orwell essay about working at a used book store. Just substitute record for book and it's very much what it was like to work at Phonoluxe back in the day.

Working in a record store didn't kill my love of music. I question it more these days as its importance is diminished in light of the gang I run with now: the Soulfish wife and my three kids, but I won't ever get off the stuff. Here's my top tracks of the week. And yeah, I know this isn't an mp3 blog, but if you click on the Hype Machine link on the sidebar you're likely to find versions of all the stuff listed.

The top tracks for me whilst working in the office this week:

Super Furry Animals "Neo-Consumer"

Bend Folds Five "Underground"

Superchunk "Cool" from an Alley Catz 2003 performance

Janis Joplin "As Good As You've Been To This World" yeah I know I used to hate on her, but things change as you get older

The Mountain Goats "Lovecraft In Brooklyn" one of those rare tunes I wish I would have written

Minor Threat "In My Eyes" live from Chunklet magazine online ...damn those boys were ferocious

New Pony Club "Grey"

Belle And Sebastian "Me And The Major" and "Your Cover Is Blown"

Arthur & Yu "There Are Too Many Birds"

Field Music "A Gap Has Appeared"