Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I drove to Nashville last Saturday on I-40 and I passed three semis the whole way into the downtown loop. Car traffic was also light. It was almost eerie. I found myself actually missing the usual barrage of vehicles speeding into the city. It was just a visible sign that the economic apocalypse is nigh.

Yesterday I got that the news that my salary would be cut by 10% due to the sluggish economy. It could be worse. It could get much worse. It probably will. I am a born pessimist. Expect the worst is my motto. That way if it doesn't happen you get a pleasant surprise and if it does; then so what. My economic class has always been upper lower to lower middle and a depression isn't likely to change that too much. I'll make do somehow.

Now if it gets so bad there is marching in the streets, riots, and roving marauders it really won't matter that my family doesn't have a flat screen television or a Nintendo Wii. What will matter is that we don't live in the city. Oddly though, I don't expect it to get that out of hand. I'm not that big of a pessimist.

Look for some more frequent posting again. Mostly old tales of my youth and music mayhem related to Murfreesboro and Nashville.

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