Tuesday, August 04, 2009

School Days Grade The 2nd

Man, I barely remember many of these kids. Maybe the trauma of all of those tornado drills back then crowds most everything else out. Here's the list of those I remember and the ones I don't.

2nd Grade Mitchell-Neilson Primary 1974-75

Teacher Mrs. Dunston

1st row - Floor
(L-R) don't remember, don't remember, David Scott?, Flint Baskin, Steve Goodman, don't remember his fist name, but his last name was Zorn

2nd row
(L-R) Me, Kris Hettish, don't remember but maybe Luther Coppage, Darryl Keener, Detra Cason, Vicky Nichols, don't remember, Therese Brown

3rd row
(L-R) don't remember, don't remember, Ross Alexander, don't remember though it resembles Scott Hercules, don't remember, don't remember, don't remember

4th row
(L-R) maybe Susan Garrett?, Tammy Young?, don't remember, Joy Patterson, Debra Reed, Karen Newcomb, Karin Radar, Paulette Gates?

No time today for much exposition - just some snippets.

Got in trouble and had to sit beside chalk board.

Kris Hettish also used to get in trouble so we would slide the erasers back in forth. Argued about whether Land Of The Lost or Valley Of The Dinosaurs was live action…I was right.

Also used to get my hand smacked with a yardstick. I never held it against Mrs. Dunston though.

Had Mrs. Jennings for reading at the start of the schooyear.
She told me to go home and finish a chapter - I thought she meant the whole book.
A few weeks later I got transferred to the highest level reading class..Mrs. Cooper.

Gym and cafeteria were one and the same. Cafeteria tables would roll into the wall like Murphy beds.

"Me Chinese me play joke" was really popular at lunch.

Another fave was the Electric Company inspired "Sh….it" joke.

My best friend was Karin Radar. I think she became a veternarian.

The day before the last day of school a big hole was blown into the wall of our classroom in order for the library to be expanded. It was cool getting to see the giant hole.

I drew a picture of Jack And The Beanstalk which got me 2nd place in some school contest.

I dressed up like an Indian to accept the award - a book about a mouse named Sylvester and a guitar. I've still got the book. Too bad no body got a picture of me as the Indian.

I guess I'll try to get around to 3rd tomorrow.

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