Friday, June 24, 2011

Stressed Out - Just Think About Metta World Peace

What a week it has been. Working late most days, trip to Kentucky which saw a drive home in a monsoon and a $163 speeding ticket (thank goodness I wasn't driving), and even tonight I was on the job trying to make sure something got where it should be going (the cellphone was smoking before it was over) and now to top it off it looks like I'm getting my August bout of whatever a full month and week ahead of time. But it's okay, there's Mo's birthday next week and then on Saturday I will get to bask in the great ego that is Bono and his band of Irish merry men U2. I was never over the moon about U2, but they've had some good tunes and it's not like I'd be doing anything else. So I'll be at Vandy with Mo in section H if you want to give us a shout out. I doubt this concert will be as good as Macca last year, but I'm open to pleasant surprises. I'll have some pics and a review afterwards. Until then I need to relieve the stress that has been this week. So I think I'll ponder Ron Artest changing his name to Metta World Peace. It's no Lloyd B. Free changing his to World B. Free, but it's close. I'm thinking about changing mine to Kelly Leak Was The Brother I Never Had But Wished I Did World B. Free Peace.

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