Thursday, February 02, 2012

heard you missed me....not really

Moribund. One of those words I've always dug. Which is what this blog is now. Cobwebs cover my monitor. There's just no time. Work. Family. My kids playing basketball, soccer, and softball. Hockey games to attend. DVR filled up with shows to watch. Books to read. Time is shrinking like Lily Tomlin did. Snowballing to hell like Merle Haggard sang.

The one thing that still connects me to this blog is the spam comments that still come to my email in-box. The generalized stupidity of these people amazes me. Are they that stupid that they don't know I moderate comments. I delete anything even remotely spammy. My site log shows I'm down to 20 or so visitors a day anyways. Yet I'm not going to pull the plug.

I've just got to make time. And today I'm making time to talk about the new Van Halen single "Tattoo." Dave always liked to say "heard you missed us, well we're back" and this time all I've got to say is not really. Sonically the track sounds hot, but the lyrics are borderline wretched. The chorus goes "swapmeet Sally, tramp stamp cat, from mouse wife to momshell in the time it took to get that new tattoo."

C'mon Dave, give me a break. Pandering to middle aged housewives is low. So very low. I can't get beyond it. So I've broke blog silence just to criticize Van Halen. It's true, that ant can move a rubber tree plant.