Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back From The Land Of The Dead

I am back. I've spent years wandering the land of the dead (Facebook), but I've had my fill of cat photos, political misinformation from all sides, dumb rumors....hell the list of time killing brain cell destroying items could take a lifetime to disclose. It almost destroyed my ability to communicate. To be, of all things, SOCIAL. So as of today I am breaking away back to my first foray into the web. Back to my home Soulfish Stew where the party never ends and where I am master of all. Where I am forced to confront a blank page and produce something for my and your amusement. Right now there is no amusement for me. I am jobless for the first time in 13 years. I made a huge mistake and switched departments where I worked and crashed and burned after a new manager came in. So I've got way too much time on my hand to play Doodle Jump. So I'm spending my days sending out resumes and perusing every job site out there. My fevered mind is in failure mode. Which is another reason I'm back to my blog. Forgive me if this starts slow, but soon I will be in full Wally spontaneous composing method and I will feel much better. I'm kicking around E-book ideas too. So don't cry for me Argentina....well okay cry a little. Things are going to look up for this intrepid fool.

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