Saturday, May 09, 2015


Hall's puts little encouraging statements on the wrappers of the cough drops they make. One says, "Put a little strut in it." Which I find so funny and cool. It takes me back to my elementary and middle school days - there was an obsession, especially at Thurman-Francis in developing a cool, strutting walk for both boys and girls. Then there was "Strutter" by Kiss  
and a Bob Seger tune that went "I do respect her but...I love to watch her strut.' So I wrote a song about a girl named Connie (and it was not about Connie Jamison), called "I Love To Watch Connie Strut." I think my version went "I love to watch her strut. I love the way she shakes her butt."

So here's my question of the day: does society still place any prestige on strutting? Or it yet another thing that is frowned upon, either the act of strutting or the appreciation of strutting. I'd like to think that strutting is still cool and admired. We really don't want to make Jackie Fargo roll over in his grave now. 

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