Friday, December 10, 2004

Party Party Weekend

Emmy has her big princess birthday party on Saturday. We attended a princess one earlier this year when one of our friends, the only ones in our circle with a little boy, leaned over and whispered, "Please tell me the next kid you're having will be a boy". Naturally we obliged him, since William Alton is due Feb 6th. But tomorrow will belong to the sugar and spice brigade. It should be lots of fun.

I added a sidebar link to Creem. Be sure and visit them.

My best of the year in music continues next week with my three favorite singles, which should surprise some people. Then I will post my best album of the year, it's sure to leave you grinning.

I got quite a few CD's in the mail to review next week so look for stuff on Comets On Fire, The Album Leaf, The 45's, The Sadies, and The Bigger Lovers. Blogging pays off a little bit.

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