Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wally's Best Of Music 2004 Part 4 Best Album


This is anti-climactic for those who know me well, but here goes – Brian Wilson presents Smile had to be the best album of 2004.

Rock and roll mythology – Derek Taylor publicity machine – stick to the formula – lysergic fires in Los Angeles – Okies resettled in Hawthorne – America in song – Plymouth Rock to acid rock – barber shop harmony – vaudeville – jazz – heroes – Dennis Wilson – villains – Mike Love – cherub voice – Carl Wilson – Gershwin wearing a van dyke Parks – Leonard Bernstein television special – Monterey popped – Smile scraps whet the appetite – the legend grows – Brian retreats – record executives froth at the mouth hoping – Brian is not really back – 15 bad one’s – Beach Boys Love You – Dr. Landy’s koo koo farm – years pass – people pass away – Vigitone bootlegs – websites – speculation – Look, Listen, Vibrate, Smile – comeback – Pet Sounds on tour - Thank God for the Wondermints – Smile performed in England – an album to follow – could it be – is it true – “Our Prayer” is answered.

I had modular thoughts to go with the modular music of Smile. So much has been written about this record, I can’t possibly add much. Brian’s vocals surprised me; he hasn’t sounded better in years. The music was sublime and truly timeless. It’s just a complete joy to have the album the way Brian Wilson wanted it to be after 37 years of waiting and wondering. All that’s really left to say is only to listen to the record and let it leave you speechless.

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