Thursday, July 28, 2005

Anti-Society Issue No. 1 1974

You knew I was going to start putting these up no matter if you wanted to or not. Well, you know...what can I say; it's my blog, it's my rhyme. Here is the very first Anti-Society published. I think I made fifty copies of it and distributed it for free at Lucy's Record Shop in Nashville, TN. Why did I start a fanzine? Boredom alongside the rather idealistic idea that I could change the world. It sounds a bit grandiose, but I was in my twenties and full of fire (not that I lack fire these days, mind you). I just knew that surely there were others thinking the same sorts of thoughts out there. Most of the writing was done by myself. Most of the pseudonyms are mine: Wally Thunders and Vincent Van Gogh Gogh are me as are any uncredited pieces. The Masked Man was DD Blank. This came out in 1993. I wonder if any of the ones I stapled together then still exist? I remember getting a thrill seeing people read them after I had distributed them right before some punk show...I think I had gone to see the Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Just click on each individual page for views you can read. And just marvel at how fast twelve years can go by. I'll put the second issue up sometime in the next few weeks.

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Stella said...

Wow...Lucy's. Toooootally slipped my mind. Good times, good times.