Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nothing To See Here, Just Move Along

I was rummaging through some files (is it possible to rummage through computer files?) when I ran across this piece of rather florid writing I did. I guess it was going to be the introduction to something but luckily it never got anywhere. So instead I figured I could submit it here. Perhaps it will draw a laugh or too.

Hurtling through the cosmos at the speed of light. I wonder about the fate of time and is it chilled and served with ice? The comet currents and landslide debris not subject to the gravitational pull of the sunsets of an infinite pitch-black tableau beckon and call. Weapons of mass construction and torture cannot be defiled by random thoughts; only purity and clarity carry such covens of consideration on the wind. The gods play dice, but it's not known as gambling because there are no free drinks. Their only other concern is judging the superlative curses said in vain on a small blue planet so far on the edge of insanity, it's yet to even be named by the vainglorious ones. That's where my check gets cashed. You've heard of chaos run amuck? I'm not that messy, in fact I like to think I'm very clean in my own wonderful way. So I've identified myself. One among billions for sure.

On a completely unrelated note:
I don't how many of you remember my Anti-Society (my old fanzine) pieces I posted, but now that Blogger will upload pictures direct I'm toying with the idea of unleashing entire issues on an unsuspecting world. Let me know if anybody would like to see them. I promise that the writing is not like what's above.


Portia said...

Wally....I didn't mean to player hate on you. :) I actually randomly selected your name from TTLB. I am most certain you deserve to be higher up the food chain than I. :)

Wally Bangs said...

Well, I don't know about deserving to be higher up on the food chain, but thanks for your kind words.

tami said...

I wanna see!

Btw, kick ass site... it's entertaining, to say the least.

Wally Bangs said...

Thanks Tami, your site is also kick ass. I need to link you in the sidebar when I get a chance.