Friday, July 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

Odds are that people who believe in ghosts also like to smoke.
All of the books in the Smithville library about ghosts smell like
stale cigarettes.

Rex L. Camino's posts about Memphis this week have made me
homesick for the city of my birth. The truth is I only lived there as
a small child and spent most my life in Murfreesboro except for a
year in Mississippi and the last 5 years here in Smithville. Still,
Memphis has always loomed in my imagination. I would visit the
city often as a youth since most of the relatives on my mother's
side were from the Memphis area. It was so big and so full of
possibilties. I once jumped over a VW Beetle on a BMX bike
one summer visiting my cousins. They had made a huge dirt
ramp at the bottom of a hill and we spent hours leaping out
into space over the Bug.

From Parenting 101 -
When you ask a small child if they need to use the potty and they
tell you no you can always count on them messing their pants
within the next five minutes.

The new season of Reno 911 has only been moderately funny.

I'm trying to learn Japanese so if I start ending all of my sentences
with verbs you'll know why.

Yesterday's stage ending pile up at the Tour De France made for
an exciting finish and as Robbie McEwen said, "a waste of a day"
for many of the riders. I know many people dismiss bicycle racing,
but there's plenty of drama in the Tour, although I'm sure if they
all had to jump over VW Beetle's every few miles more Americans
would be interested. As for the 6-time winner from Texas, Lance
Armstong, he should cruise to win number 7 barring some unforseen
accident. I read that he avoided another crash today and that
McEwen won today's stage. I'll have to watch the repeat coverage
on OLN tonight.

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