Thursday, July 14, 2005

So Very Bored

Am I bored with blogging or just everything in general? Maybe it's a case of the pre-vacation blahs. I actually get rather tense before time off from work. Will I manage to catch up with the stack of papers needing my attention? Will I come back to find myself perpetually behind the times? There's also the fact that I will do absolutely nothing while I'm off. Well, it won't be nothing. I'll spend more time with the kids than usual (we're gonna be taking the training wheels off of the 6 year old's bike), I'll work on getting caught up on some assorted home projects, and I'm going to try to find some time to write some new horror short stories for That's plenty for me, but it will be nothing to compare to others in the office. I'm sure they'll be enjoying lavish vacations of which they will take copious pictures they will make me view. Then they will inevitably ask me what I did for vacation. My answer will be sure to disappoint them. This is something I should not even worry about at all, but it does for some reason. That could be part of the ennui I'm feeling. I have discovered that I am an autumn person. Summer only brings me down. There's too much lawn mowing to do. Too many people wanting to show me their vacation pictures. I keep trying to start reading a book (too many to mention at this date), but I always put them aside before I can get too involved. So please forgive the lack of recent posts. I'm mentally fatigued and hopefully a week off from the job will recharge my brain.

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Mo said...

You could always tell them you did laundry--at least that would make the women jealous of me.