Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Odds And Ends with no parenthetical sense at all

Honey can only come in bear shaped containers in my house. It may just be me, but I feel sad that Stevie Nicks never had a child. I've gotten back to where I can imagine that cold weather is really hot. I've been listening to lots of classical music and punk for the last several days and not much in between. I need to re-read A Separate Peace...damn that film Sideways! Now the wife will probably find me crying at the end of it. My twenties were termed my lost years. I guess my thirties have been my found ones. I wonder what the forties will bring starting next November. My kids got almost as much candy at a Christmas parade on Sunday as they got at Halloween. I'll have to make the ultimate sacrifice and eat much of it so they won't get fat. Oh, the sacrifices a parent makes. I'll take Jung over Freud. Benjamin Orr over Ric Ocasek. Grant Hart over Bob Mould even though I like Mould's solo material much better than Hart's. The current debate about Christmas versus Happy Holidays is linguistically interesting, but I'm much more concerned about those upside down Christmas trees I keep seeing. The reasoning that an upside down tree will better display one's ornaments and that there will be more room under the tree for presents isn't convincing. I like that you have to invest some effort to see all of the ornaments on our tree and I always thought it was nice that the presents are under the shelter of the tree. But an upside down tree was a tradition before Martin Luther came along, you say. Okay then, I just think it looks dumb. I wish someone would buy me a bicycle. The reason why I'm anticipating spring is because I'm going to get a new push mower. The only thing missing from my life(besides a bicycle) is a treehouse.


Ryan said...

These are the kinds of odds & ends that fascinate the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

Now coming to a theatre near you! Wally - the lost years

Wally Bangs said...

Glad to have you back blogging Ryan!

Gonz, it was you and your brother that dubbed my twenties the lost years sorta. It was what you guys referred to as the years when I wasn't hanging out with you guys...more accurately from 18-20 AKA the years you dated the girl that made you put your fist through a roadsign after you caught her cheating. But I also goofed off and didn't growup during my twenties making them Lost Years to the great majority of folks.

Mo said...

Honey only comes in a bear at your house because your wife likes it that way. And you can't have a treehouse for two reasons 1.) You are taller than all the trees in our yard combined, and 2.)you are far too old to join the Kids Next Door.