Monday, January 30, 2006


I got a momentary twinge last night when I realized I am now older than Homer Simpson is supposed to be. Damn never aging cartoon characters! For all those The Simpsons writers that read this blog: my oldest daughter was watching last night's episode with me and after Homer almost runs his car off a cliff she said, "I've seen this episode before." Note: it was an all new episode. I understand there will be a certain amount of idea recycling on the show: Homer says a few catch phrases, Bart gets in trouble, Marge does something stupid, and Lisa is the smart one (In fact I thought the ending last night with both Marge and Homer ending up in jail would have made for a great series finale - take that Seinfeld), but when a seven year old kid starts picking up on the redundancies inherent to any long lived series; perhaps it's time to pull the plug. Not to mention the fact that Homer is now younger than me....I mentioned that already? D'oh!!!

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