Friday, January 13, 2006

Tagged And Bagged

When D. Wooderson gives you an invite; how can you refuse. Alright alright alright. Let's play some internet tag.

Five jobs you've had in your life: telephone book deliveryman, skateboard shop manager, record store clerk, pizza cook, Wal-Martian.

Five movies you could watch over and over: To Kill A Mockingbird, The 400 Blows, The Bad News Bears, Paper Moon, Planet Of The Apes . Yes it's true I had a huge crush on Tatum O'Neal when I was a child.

Five places you've lived: Memphis when I was a baby in an apartment in Fraser, Murfreesboro in multiple places - trailers and houses, Ripley, Mississippi for a year - one house down the street from a shoe factory and in another one house over from a Big Star grocery store, Smyrna, TN on Prindle Drive, and currently rocking out just outside of Smithville, TN.

Five TV shows you love to watch: House, MD, Everybody Hates Chris, How I Met Your Mother, Junkin',Mythbusters.

Five places you've been on vacation: Panama City, NYC, London, Amsterdam, Orlando.

Five websites you visit daily: Nashville Is Talking, Slashdot, Stolen Pony, Geek Press, WJLE.

Five of your favorite foods: tacos, pizza, baby spinach, sushi, chocolate pie.

Five places you'd rather be: London, a Gulf Coast beach, fishing in a stream, browsing in a book store, hanging out with the wife and kids at an amusement park.

Five albums you can't live without:

Five people you'd tag to play this game: Jenny Valentine, Here Comes Trouble, Rex L. Camino, Jill, and Mo.

As D. would say, "Keep on livin'."


Rex L. Camino said...

Gracias, Wally. This is the first time I've ever been "tagged", as it were, and I welcome the opportunity to post with a purpose.

However, I will soon be cursing you, as narrowing music, movies, and television down to short lists tends to preoccupy me for quite some time before I am able to make it official.

Still, gracias.

Mo said...

It's there. God, I'm boring.
and 1, 2, 3 NOT IT!