Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dreaming In Sitcoms

Lately I've been dreaming in sitcoms. All new original episodes of old classics playing just for me. It was <i>Sanford And Son</i> a few weeks ago and last night was <i>Seinfeld</i>. It's my own subconscious fan fiction. The <i>Seinfeld</i> dream was as good as some of the original shows with George and Jerry visiting a mall before heading to a movie. George is in his unemployed stage and he's concerned about being able to pay for dinner, the movie, and snacks. He goes on about the indignity of getting an allowance from his parents and mutters that'll he only have $2.25 left after buying dinner and movie tickets. A store manager hears this and he yells out that he has shirts for only $2.25. George then goes browsing through a collection of the most hideous shirts. It doesn't read funny, but trust me; it was. If only I could dream an original sitcom series.



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