Monday, May 08, 2006

dark side



Yeah, yeah; I said I would soon be putting some entries up again, but you know how it goes: time tends to get away from you. Forces collide and thoughts get banished. I’ve been told that I’ve been lured over to the dark side: bicycling. The Soulfish wife claims that I’ll soon be buying lycra bike shorts and shaving my legs. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is true that I have taken to bicycling much as I did to skateboarding in the past. I ride 4 to 5 times a week now. Half hour 6 mile runs are turning into 9 mile 40 minute runs and today I hope to put in a solid hour doing 15 miles or so. It’s the perfect way to unwind after work. My mind is cleared of all of its accumulated crap and I begin to travel back in time when the aroma of afternoon barbecues waft my way as the shadows lengthen toward night. I’m a goofy kid to some extent just pedaling around the neighborhood hoping that D.C. will step outside her door and requite my crush. At least that’s one permutation of my mind because the reality is I am doing the work I’ve set out to accomplish before each ride. Keep the tempo up, the cadence true (hope to attain the 20 mile per hour mark before summer’s gone), watch out for packs of dogs and motorists that often act like dogs, climb the steep countryside hills, and enjoy the wind on my face (even when it’s a 20 mile headwind). If it ends with me embracing another culture, then that’s where the roads will ultimately lead me. Some may think it’s just a fad for me, but right now the passion is high just like with skateboarding. And like with skateboarding, I’ll probably do it until my body gives out. I still skate around even now, but it is hell on the knees.


Ryan said...

Very, very nice. This has a good feel and takes me where you intended, I believe.

Good to see a post here.


Anonymous said...

Hey! what's wrong with lycra shorts and shaving your legs?