Monday, August 21, 2006

Original Sexy Back

What's Justin Timberlake doing trying to steal my mojo? I thought I brought "sexy back" last year when I started rocking Bruce Lee t-shirts while shopping for Tiffany lamps. My espadrilles made me look like a straight up gangster too. How dare that couldn't make the cast of a Liberty Land singing troupe try to steal my Thor-normous thunder.

And while I'm temporarily insane and lolling around in the pop music watering trough, where one is lucky if they only contract a spiritual dysentery, doesn't Fergie realize that the bridge in her video for "London Bridge" is actually the Tower Bridge? Yet another victim of a British scam that once took in an entire Arizona city. Natural grifters those Brits.

In the mailchute this morning - a missive from Trent Harmon who used to drum for Luck London back in the mid-80's. He stumbled into this hot bowl of Soulfish Stew after reading Tracy Moore's Never In Nashville article. He got in touch with me because he was hoping I'd know where he could get his hands on video footage of any of the Blind Farmers From Hell's summer parties held at the Blind Farm in Lascassas. I couldn't help the brother out, but maybe some of my twenty or so loyal readers can since Trent is more than just a drummer to me. He was my manager during my brief sojourn as a delivery driver at Ace's Pizza where I spent more time playing paper football in the front window than delivering pies.

It's been awhile since we had a Toby Holmes shout out. So here we go once again in our quest to find out what ever happened to this Goombah chicken eating dude. If you have seen this dude let Soulfish know. We're sure we owe him a good kick in the ass for something.

Have you seen this man?

Last rumoured to be hanging around near Lynchburg, Tennessee.


Anonymous said...

You so crazy. I think I wanna have your baby. Mo

Anonymous said...

I think I saw him working at the A&P in Raleigh.

Anonymous said...

Toby is in or around L-burg. I saw Rosie about 2 months ago at the book rack. She said that they built a house on the land that Jimmie Neal's mother owned and they now have a three year old girl.