Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's on! Keith Gordon versus the Nashville Scene and Wally's right in the middle of it! My evil plan is working nicely! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

I stick to what I said in the article: I do think The Metro was better when Kath and Tom wrote for the mag and the debut issue with Bon Jovi on the cover was lame. Now to what everybody maybe wants to know: what do I think about Keith Gordon? The surprising answer: I think he's okay. When I was a young neo-fanboy just starting to dig into the import bins at Cats and Port O'Call record stores I ran across some small articles written by Keith that appeared in Creem, most notably one on the Meat Puppets. Soon I was digging pieces by him in Tasty World. He was no Ort or Lester Bangs, but I knew if I saw his name in the byline that I would probably like what he was writing about. I've always felt that he went downhill during his tenure at The Metro. Now this could have been because of many things: my own tastes changing along with my own growing confidence as a music consumer, the dictates of Keith having to keep a listing ship afloat long after it should have sank (check his Tears For Fears mention in his post), or maybe discovering he was a girthsome biker looking dude and not some scrawny geek that still lived with his mom which is how I'd always pictured him, or when he added Reverend to his name (I know now that somebody else dubbed him that) which at that time seemed like he was copying Collin Wade Monk.

See, it's very complicated - this world of rock and roll fandom. Good luck to Keith and his book project on Nashville rock and roll. I'm sure that when it comes out there will be people besieging him for leaving their favorite band out. You know my theory is that every band that ever played a gig is somebody's favorite band. For instance I don't see The Dislocated, Michael Landon's Ghost/Pipebomb, or Dragula on Keith's band lists at his site (they are all bands I was in). Never mind that I've been too lazy to send their info in to him.

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