Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Holiday Learning

Things I learned over the holiday weekend:

I'm still not a good enough climber on my bicycle to get up Old Mill Hill without stopping halfway up to catch my breath. Maybe later this week.

It should be a good year for deer hunters as I've seen lots of bucks running around in the fields.

A stingray's barbed tail can be fatal which ultimately means a world without a crocodile hunter is a little less fun.

The Jeffersons is still almost funny.

When tent caterpillars take on a cherry tree the cherry tree loses.

Our cat has developed blood lust for mice which is good since that is why we got her.

Lake Wobegon Days is surprisingly good. The backstory: I saw Keillor on Letterman way back in the day and thought he was cool in a goofy sort of way. Mainly I really liked his red socks. I was going to rush out and buy the book, but I kept putting it off until I recently snagged a copy for 50 cents at the McKays in Chattanooga. I finally started it yesterday.

Liam is really good at flipping over stuff. That's why he's now restrained at church and our couch is up against the wall.

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