Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Theme Songs Entrance Music (some call it onanism)

The devoted reader of this blog knows that I have a thing for theme songs. I was in a band named Dragula. We had a song called Dragula. In that case the song came before the band name (which was Kill Whitey at the time) and of course the name itself came from The Munsters television show which happens to have a bitchin' theme song itself. My prior group was called Michael Landon's Ghost so we had to have a song titled that. The band came first.

So I've always thought it would be cool if we all had theme songs. It's not an original thought by any stretch; there was a good Seinfeld episode built around one of Elaine's boyfriends stopping everything whenever "Desperado" came on the radio. Your own personal theme song would also be used as entrance music. Imagine that every time you entered a room and perhaps "Gigantor" by The Dickies would play. It might be fairly cool the first dozen or so times.

Maybe you'd need a shifting catalogue of theme songs to use or maybe just have one big theme (your own "Desperado") along with thousands of little snippets of bumper music. You save the theme for a big entrance while the bumper music could fit your mood. My mood now would tend toward the Match Game game show bumper music.

The rise of cellphone ring tones has made such a theme song world possible to some extent. I don't hear much of it with the older crowd, but the youth are hip to it. It's like the aural equivalent to having your own Bobby Byrd with you at all times.

Let me explain: Bobby Byrd was James Brown's right hand man. When James would call out Byrd would answer. I've always thought having Bobby Byrd at a business meeting would rock. You could make a point and then Byrd could shout out a counterpoint and the whold meeting could be one funky party instead of drowsy power point presentations filled with charts. Byrd shouting out "Soul power" is the ringtone I would like.

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