Monday, October 02, 2006

From Michael Landon's Ghost To Arch Hall Jr.

When I first met Wes White he was a thrash metal worshipping double pedal kick drummer with hair down his back and an ever present trucker cap turned backwards. Mind you that this was around 1991 or so. Since thrash metal is a guitar lesson or two removed from punk rock we hit it off splendidly with the Ramones as the socio-cultural bridge. It didn't hurt that I was also into Slayer and Metallica. Soon Wes had joined Toby and me in the Didjits loving Michael Landon's Ghost for several months of punk rock fury in the Nashville rock and roll scene. Later, Wes hooked up with the Teen Idols for a long spell of rock and roll glory after a brief stint in the Stray Cats scratching The Cramps mixture dubbed Hellbilly. Wes became smitten with the rockabilly scene and became an expert at the genre to the point that when cult legend (check the movies The Choppers and Wild Guitar) Arch Hall Jr. came to Pittsburgh recently needing a drummer for a gig there Wes was called out of retirement to man the thump thump hell yeah bump. You can briefly catch a glance of Wes in this Arch Hall Jr. Youtube clip. Wes rules!

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