Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's The 1980's Nash Vegas Out There

Old school Nashville rock greats Shadow 15, Raging Fire, and Jet Black Factory all have Myspace sites up. Shadow 15 were one of my all time favorites with their Joy Division meets Judas Priest sound. Raging Fire's first EP A Family Thing is one of the killer artifacts of noise and melody from the 80's local scene. Their site even has a song heard only on 91 Rock back in the day. I never completely got Jet Black Factory, but there are lots of folks who really dug their Southern goth darkness.

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Poelzig said...

Hey,Shadow 15 is great(i found out in their link to myspace in your blog)! they have any dicography or compilation that i can find?
i had tried an allmusic search and dindn't return me nothing,or even,any info about the band.